Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Meet and Treat" at the Southeast Precinct tonight!

Take your little ghost and ghouls to the Southeast Police Precinct tonight from 4-8 p.m.  Enjoy fun activities while meeting some of Omaha's best police officers!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Foundations Laid for Two New Habitat Homes

Neighbors on South 17th Street will be seeing more activity than usually during the next year.  Two new houses are set to be constructed by Habitat for Humanity of Omaha volunteers and staff at 2425 and 2427 S  17th.  One house was demolished to make room for the homes.  As of now, the foundations and driveways have been laid.  

Two families will be welcomed into the neighborhood after they complete their 350 hours of sweat equity required to purchase a Habitat home.  The loan they receive is at a 0% interest rate and is therefore not a handout, but a hand-up.  Progress of the homes will be posted regularly!

A back view of the lots.

New Mural, New Edge to Louie M's

A new mural project is almost finished on the East wall of Louie M's Burger Lust.  Diego and Jair, two local urban artists are responsible for bringing the wall to life.  Their bold and playful work reflects the efforts to revive the area with color, local history and culture.  Check out their work for yourself sometime!

Although he may be afraid of heights, Jair (right) is willing push the limits for the sake of his art.

Diego and Jair, standing proudly with their mural.

Fall Bulk Trash Day A Huge Success!

Fall Bulk Trash Day was held from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday, October 13 at I-80 and 13th St.  Over 12 tons of debris was collected and compacted into the whopping four trucks needed to carry the trash off site!  Three pick up loads of recyclable material were also carried away.  The volunteers, organizers, and neighbors who came out to support the event deserve a huge thank you.

Mattresses, couches, and TVs were common items dropped off during the day.

At a few points the line of cars stretched far up the street.  Volunteers stepped up and directed traffic to ensure that everything went smoothly.  The event demonstrated that if you build it (or order a couple dump trucks), they will come!