A Rich Past

Greetings neighbors, 
Each month I read our monthly newsletter and am reminded of our slogan, “A Rich Past, An Exciting Future”.
I am pleased to present to you, the Deer Park Historical Preservation Committee. If you did not know, Deer Park residents have the privileged opportunity of being members of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Omaha, Nebraska. We truly come from an area with a rich past. In spirit of this opportunity, I have started this committee that strives to learn, tell, and preserve the story of our neighborhood and its’ members.

So how will we accomplish this? Well I have some ideas, but I must stress…. I need your help!

What I need from you, my neighbors, is your stories, your memories, and most of all your participation. Firsthand accounts of this neighborhood in its history, photos showcasing the community & family interactions within our boundaries, and any tales of prominent places, persons, and or events, please share them all.
Help us make your memories our memories. Help us preserve Deer Park history.
While we start this ongoing Deer Park historical archive, I will rigorously update Deer Park neighbors of historical findings of our neighborhood in our monthly newsletter and in this blog.

To read the monthly updates of our neighborhood's past please click on A Rich Past under labels on the left column. To to share a memory with us, please contact me email at DPHPC@live.com.

Oscar Duran: President