Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Restoration Exchange Omaha comes to Deer Park on Sunday!


This year’s tour features early 20th century homes and buildings in Omaha’s Deer Park neighborhood bounded by Interstate 480, the Missouri River, Martha Street and Spring Lake Park. The tour will include the Vinton Street Commercial District.
Sites include:
1. Chops Bowling Alley, 2518 S. 13th St.
2. St. Patrick’s Church, 1404 Castelar St.
3. Meyer Residence, 1405 Vinton St.
4. Palleton, Inc, 1502-1504 Vinton St.
5. Ferguson Studio and Residence, 1701 Vinton St.
6. Emerging Terrain, 1717 Vinton St.
7. Hardware Building, Apartments and The Apollon, 1801 Vinton St.
8. Gallery 72, 1806 Vinton St.
9. Spring Lake Park Golf Clubhouse - 4020 Hoctor Blvd This stop will include a presentation by the Omaha Parks and Recreation department on the planned improvements for the park plus the only chance to sign up for great raffle prizes.
Attendees can view inside each of the buildings and talk with the owners of the properties and the people involved in the project restoration.
Attendees also are encouraged to walk or drive by other significant buildings in the area including:
 Duran Residence, 2402 S. 13th St.
 Louie M’s Burger Lust, 1718 Vinton St.
 Wiig Building, Capitol Bindery, 1810-1812 Vinton St.
 OFD #3 Fire Station and now residence, 3111 S. 20th St.
 Deer Hollow Park, 1801 Deer Park Road
Tickets are $10 each or two for $15. Purchase tickets for the self-guided tour in advance at or the day of the tour at Chops Bowling Alley. You are welcome to come anytime between noon and 5 p.m. to take the tour. Parking is available at Chops Bowling Alley, St. Patrick’s Church or on the south side of Bag N Save. You also can purchase a Restoration Exchange membership the day of the tour starting at $15 for students and $35 for individuals. Those purchasing a membership will get their tour ticket for free.

All proceeds support restoration and preservation educational efforts in the area. Thanks to AIA Omaha and Eyman Plumbing for helping to make the tour possible by underwriting part of the costs.