Sunday, January 2, 2011

Omaha tops the list of America's Lowest-risk Housing Markets: Deer Park is an Exemplar of Stability

What better way to start 2011 than with a post that shows why Omaha is one of the best cities to live in? According to a recent article on MSN, Omaha housing prices have increased nearly every year since 2000. Omaha topped the list of America's Lowest-risk Housing Markets, with a risk of price decline at 3.1%, preceding number two, Pittsburgh, with a risk of price decline at 12%. To read the MSN article, please click here.

I need to add that the Deer Park neighborhood is no exception to the Omaha home value stability market. Using an online home search engine provided by CBS Homes, I found homes in our neighborhood ranging from $12,000 - $129,000. With the median home value around $60,500, Omaha's Deer Park neighborhood stands as one of the nation's most affordable places to buy a home, with little to no projected depreciation. Apparently, Omaha's average home appreciation has fallen -1.3%, and the average national home appreciation has fallen -5.2%. Where did Deer Park rank in this? In our neighborhood, home appreciation managed to go up .1%. Deer Park does have an aging housing stock, but at median price around $60,000,  our neighborhood, less than a fifteen minute walk to the Downtown Old Market, is a great place to buy a starter home. Trust me, I practice what  I preach: if you are looking for a home, you need to consider buying in this neighborhood. When I first learned of these astonishing low home prices in such a stable market and safe neighborhood, I jumped at the opportunity to buy a home here in 2009. Above is photo of my home. The stats: 2700 square ft., five bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a mortgage less than a two bedroom apartment.

Thanks for reading, and please come back to this blog to learn more about our neighborhood. Happy New Year!

Oscar Duran: Deer Park President


  1. I LOVE the deerpark neighborhood! Ive recently moved into the neighborhood and not only did I get welcomed with opened arms but the rich history of the neighborhood is neverending! It's an adventure everyday!

  2. Smart choice on the part of you young investors. Your neighborhood is so close to the old market, I have a feeling your homes and other homes in that neighborhood, will quickly be gaining market value. Good job! I love your website and your enthusiasm for the neighborhood.