Saturday, January 8, 2011

Think Tank

Greetings all and I welcome you to our Think Tank. The purpose of this project is to offer researchers, scholars, public officials, residents, and community advocates, opportunities to examine theories and strategies our organization uses to spur positive change and growth in our neighborhood.
I debated launching a dedicated blog to host this information, but wished to provide readers a connecting path between theory and application.  Blog posts tagged “Think Tank” will offer readers insight into civic concepts and theories that have inspired us most. Blog posts tagged “An Exciting Future” will update readers on our current community projects.  For those of you unfamiliar with the blog layouts, you may look to column on the left and select the posts groups by their according tags. In other words, if you click the Tag group, “Think Tank”, only posts with this tag will come up on the blog page.
Managed by volunteers, The Deer Park Neighborhood Association uses grass roots tactics to improve and strengthen our community. Please, I encourage your input and comments on all posts. I aspire for a network of community advocates to engage one another on this blog. With your comments and input, I am certain we can continue to improve our neighborhood and the field of community development.
Oscar Duran: Secretary

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  1. Just an idea, I've gone antique shopping in the Deerpark area for many years and always find a great selection of treasuretroves. I think with the weather getting better perhaps having a weekend designated for people in that area to agree to have a yard sale in each of their own yards on the particular weekend, would be awesome. It would also get people out there to visit and see the great changes in your neighborhood. Hope that becomes part of your plan.