Friday, May 4, 2012


Universally Human welcomes youth across the city to experience different alternatives to keep them active. About three blocks of historic Vinton Street will be shut down and dedicated to Universally Human from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 12.

The idea behind Universally Human arose after the Deer Park Neighborhood Association (DPNA) helped organ­ize Deer Park’s first community mural, quickly followed by hosting Omaha’s first Urban Art competition, Abstract Concrete, at the Bancroft Street Market last August.

After Abstract Concrete proved to be a success, the participants craved more and Duran got many requests to host another competition.  Instead of feeding the needs of just one category, the Deer Park Neighborhood Association and Habitat for Humanity decided to open the doors to individuals across the city as part of their Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative. 

“The youth in our area have a lot of different talents and urban art is just one of the talents.  There are a lot of creative programs in our community that could help youth showcase their abilities.”
The artists’ mediums will not be the typical canvas backdrop; Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is donating repurposed materials to create masterpieces.  Universally Human will line the sidewalks of Vinton with a variety of oth­er youth driven groups and organizations that offer our city’s youth opportunities to share their talents.

Victory Boxing will be a knock out with live demonstrations on a portable boxing ring.  Local break dancers will put their own spin on the festival with dancing, demonstrations and lessons.  The Creative Institute and Kent Bellows will also be artistically contributing to the festivities.  Participants can also compete in creative writing competitions and poetry slams.  Everyone can also experience the local flair of Vinton Street restaurants from burgers to barbacoa as well as a historical walking tour of the area.

 “Our youth can be exposed to lot of positive activities in Omaha, whether it be sports, art or writing at Universally Human,” said Duran.  “The kids who are already participating in these projects will be given a chance to show the community what they can do.”

Universally Human has a few merchant booths open and are inviting all organizations with youth outreach programs or have an interest in youth to apply.  Booths are also available for local artists to sell their work.  To register, please contact Katie Duran at or 402.459.0042 by Wednesday, May 9.

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