Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Victory Boxing Fights For Something Bigger

It’s one thing to be a boxer.  It’s another to be boxing in honor of the big guy.

Victory boxing strives to keep kids off of the streets and in the boxing ring.  Founder Servando Perales works from personal experience; he was going down the path of drugs and gang participation in the 1990’s when he was arrested and served time in prison.  However, Perales paid his dues and came out with the unlikeliest conclusion; he had found his faith and wanted to use it to prevent others from going down that same path and getting into more trouble than he did.

Perales was still into boxing but decided to not do it for himself anymore.  God had given him a gift and he wanted to share it with others.  He wanted to provide a safe haven for kids to have opportunities for something positive in their lives instead of running on the streets.

Victory Boxing hosts about fifty individuals everyday for two hours.  When you walk into Victory Boxing, it’ not your stereotypical ring on tv.  There’s no negativity, no swearing, no bullying.
In one corner, a group of about ten young men are doing synchronized sit ups, pushing each other to get better.  In another corner, each are swinging at heavy bags.  Perales encourages a lone boxer in the ring while perfecting his technique.  The other coaches are also encouraging the young men as they get better and better each day.

Victory Boxing improves their boxing skills but it also teaches the youth about discipline, community and respect for one another.  After practice once a week, the coaches offer a voluntary bible study but many students choose to participate.

Come see Victory Boxing at Universally Human and participate in their mobile boxing ring.

For more information on Victory Boxing, visit their website at 


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