Friday, March 11, 2011

South High Student Art Showcased in Deer Park

Hey Neighbors!
The students at South Omaha High have a magnificent art display at the Bancroft Street Market.  Oscar and I went to the opening reception and we were floored by the amount of discipline these students have when it comes to creating masterpieces.  Some of my favorite pieces were family sticks (see picture).  Each different color represented something important in the students' lives.  They each added different embellishments on each to enhance their individuality.
I have never seen so many kinds or art.  These students excelled in oil, chalk, sculpture, trading cards, watercolor and some kind of art where they layer newspaper, paint on top of it and rip apart the layers.

A small but mighty orchestra ensemble filled the room with immaculate notes to set the tone for a real art show.  Art teacher Linda Shepard told us the students won 26 AWARDS at the state competition.  I think we need to show these kids our pride in their work by supporting them at the show this Saturday and Sunday at the Bancroft Street Market (10th and Bancroft) from 1-5 p.m. on both days.
See you there.

Katie Duran: Deer Park Secretary / Newsletter Editor

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