Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Habitat Omaha Launches Project Demolition!

On March 21, 2011 Habitat for Humanity of Omaha kicked off its new program, Project Demolition, a partnership with the City of Omaha. With more than 443 single resident homes on the city's demolition list, Project Demolition is an effort to eliminate run down houses making way for new construction in distressed areas of the community. The goal for the project this year is to demolish 40 homes in North and South Omaha. Habitat Omaha often get calls from people who have a distressed house they want to donate.

Some of these homes have been on the city's condemned list for years, and the owner has nowhere to turn. Habitat Omaha can now address the problem through Project Demolition. It's a win for the owner who donated the house, the neighborhood, the City of Omaha and for a deserving family who will purchase the new Habitat Omaha home that will be built.

The first demolition took place near 17th and Manderson Streets. Two homes were torn down to make way for seven new Habitat Omaha homes. The seven new homes will be built during the week of Habitat Omaha's 2011 Builder's Blitz.

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Story Provided by Habitat For Humanity Omaha (HFHO)

This exciting project will assist neighborhoods rid their blighted structures and make way for new homes and families to come in. As read above, HFHO is also launching this project in South Omaha. As a resident, I know Deer Park has a few vacant homes that are considered "uninhabitable", and I am compiling a list of them. If you know of any properties near your home, please submit the address to me by either phone or email. This will not guarantee the property will make the Habitat Demolition Program, but regardless we need to know where these properties are and, TOGETHER, decide how we can mend these struggling blocks in our neighborhood. If you want to learn more about this program, please come to our next Neighborhood Association meeting.

Thanks for being such a great neighbor, See you at the next meeting!

Oscar Duran: Deer Park President

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