Monday, April 25, 2011

13th Street Resurfacing

Greetings Neighbors!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend.

If you live on 13th street, or if you use it to go towards downtown this message is for you.

Starting May 9, 13th street, I-80 to Leavenworth, will undergo some major repairs.  I was informed the project will only last around 7 to 10 business days, depending on the predictable Nebraska weather of course.  Everyone that lives or operates off 13th will be notified by mail soon.

There will be some minor traffic congestion, but the good news is that the street will not be shut down. The plan is to alternate work on the north and south bound lanes. If you are worried about the loud sounds of construction keeping you up at night, no worries, where homes are present the work will be done during the day.

If you are like me, and have a driveway you have to use on 13th, park on the cross street so you don't get blocked in during the day they are working on your portion of the street.

I was told that the process goes quickly and that once the new pavement is poured it can be driven on after 8 hours. A good tip, I recommend not turning in your driveway right after the new pavement is poured. If you do, your tires will make an indention in the new pavement. The streets will look fabulous and you will be left with a reminder of how you forgot about this tip or couldn’t wait. I am just going to park on the side street till my section is done and it has had adequate time to dry and cure. If you need more info shoot me an email.

Take Care and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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