Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Future Vision of the Historic Vinton Street Corridor - Omaha GROW Broadcast

Hey Neighbors,
The great news for Deer Park just keeps coming in. 

If you have not heard, efforts to revive our Historic Vinton Street Corridor have really picked up momentum this year. From the establishment of the Deer Park merchants committee to the ongoing beautification projects spurred by the Deer Park Neighborhood Association, neighborhood leaders, residents and business owners alike, are workings together to continue to improve our neighborhood.

Well, word is spreading fast that Deer Park is a great places to live, work and play and another great business has decided to make Deer Park their home.

Deer Park is proud to announce that Emerging Terrain is our newest business neighbor. Emerging Terrain's new home, 1717 Vinton St., was built in 1913 and was most recently home to Mario Carpet Service.  Two week, just before Christmas, The Omaha World Herald broke this story in their article, Reinvigorating Vinton Street Well last Saturday, the local radio broadcast program,  GROW, interviewed ANNE TRUMBLE, founder and Executive Director of Emerging Terrain. It was a great interview that mentioned the dynamics and beauty of our neighborhood. Of course all we proud Deer Park residents have known this to be a great neighborhood for some time, but it is always wonderful to hear of others starting to see what we see. Listen to this great broadcast at the KFAB site here.

Thank You KFAB for constantly finding great local stories, and especially thanks you  to Emerging Terrain for joining our community, welcome to the neighborhood!!!

Happy New Year Deer Park, 2012 is going to be a stellar year.

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