Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012!!! Deer Park receives two grants for Universally Human street Festival

My oh my, the great news for Deer Park just keeps coming.

I actually received this news last month, but I wanted to save its announcement until the beginning of the new year. Last month, the Deer Park Neighborhood Association (DPNA) received two separate grants to aide us in hosting DPNA's first street festival, Universally Human.

Thank you to the South Omaha Optimists Club and the committee of the South Omaha Historical/Crime Prevention Grant. Your support will greatly help us continue improve our South Omaha community.

The grant from the Omaha Optimists Club was for $200 to go towards the Urban Art competition to be held during the festival and the South Omaha Historical/Crime Prevention Grant was for $9,900 to be used for the festival costs.

Some may be asking, why name a festival Universally Human. This festival is not an typical festival. The named was selected to represent the internal need to be a part of a community and share one's passions and gifts with the world. As one member of our planning group so eloquently put it, these feelings are Universally Human. On May 12, 2012, The Deer Park Neighborhood Association and Habitat for Humanity of Omaha will host this festival to outreach to youth of Omaha.

More to Come Soon.

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